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Yunjae drabble... ?
Note: So this started as a drabble for ai_no_sekai just for fun, but it got too long so I thought I might as well post it here. Sorry, no smut in this one ;D it's pretty fluffy. My first and probably only attempt at writing LOL but here it is.

Yunho walked into his dressing room exhausted and wanting nothing more than to collapse after a long performance. As he shut the door, he felt arms slide around him from behind, tightening into a fierce bear hug. He tensed and then relaxed, snuggling into the warm embrace. He knew exactly who it was.

"What are you doing here?"

"I had to see you" came the muffled reply.

"It's dangerous..."

"I know, but I really missed you and--"

Yunho spun around in his hold and cradled the blond's face in his hands. "I missed you too, so much." He closed the small distance between them, foreheads pressed together as his mind struggled to catch up. He's really here, it's not a dream. Yunho slipped his arms around the other and tightened his grip, never wanting to let go.


Yunho sighed as he picked up their scattered clothes from the floor. He glanced back at the sleepy angel cuddled up on the couch and his heart ached. The time was too short, always too short. Putting on a small smile he walked back and knelt down beside his lover, fingers brushing the soft hair gently away from his face. “Time to go Jaejoongie” he whispered. The blond’s eyes slowly opened, focusing on his lover’s face as he nuzzled into his palm. Nodding silently, he pushed the blanket aside and reached for his clothes.

Yunho was waiting by the door, lost in thought. Jaejoong approached slowly, worrying his lip at the thought of saying goodbye. Again. Yunho looked up and quickly pulled his lover into a tight embrace, breathing in the familiar scent. Both remained silent. They could talk on the phone later, but meeting was rare and their time was up. He pulled back, taking one last look at the face he loved so much. The blond's eyes were watery, as were his, but they wouldn't break. Couldn't. Not yet. Yunho cupped his cheek and caressed it with his thumb, an encouraging smile on his lips. "See you later?" The blond chuckled and sent him a matching smile. "Yeah, see you later."

Yunho slipped out the door while Jaejoong gathered the last of his things. He smiled to himself when he saw Yunho's hoodie and tucked it into his bag. Disguise in place, he took the back exit to get to his hidden car. He was already missing Yunho, but it wouldn't always be like this. For now, it was enough.